Monday, 30 April 2012

Chocolate Bargains At Tesco

Call me sad but ……Tesco have have packs of 4 Wispa, Crunchie, Twirl and Dairy Milk bars for £1 a pack until 15.05.12. I was only interested in the Dairy Milk as I like to “dress” them up, so I stocked up copiously, carefully checking the sell by date, which was mid March 2013, before handing over my ill gotten gains.

Tesco cadbury Dairy Milk

In my head I was already thinking “end of the school year” …. for “fairing” gifts – perhaps wrapped up in maps of exotic climes …. or wrapped royally for the  Diamond Jubilee, but it’s too good a bargain to miss, working out even better than the poundshops!

Diamond Jubilee Crafts–Party Poppers

I’ve seen a few packs of Diamond Jubilee party poppers in the shops but thought how easy it would be to decorate my own and save a bit of money ……
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Party Poppers.
….. especially as I already had a packet of these paper chains (below) from my local Cancer Research shop and which I have used in several projects previously. They only cost £2.00, are double sided and there are 240 links in a pack, which will last forever!!
Cancer Research paper Chains
All I have done is cut each link in half and colour the gaps between the flags with a matching Promarker pen as the original white was a little harsh.  Then I applied double sided tape to the link and rolled it round the popper …… simples!
Diamond Jubilee Crafts Party poppers
The “ordinary” poppers cost 99p for a pack of 20 from The Works. It was a very spookily find because although not branded as Jubilee items,  their plastic bodies match perfectly the vintage colour red, white and blue of the links, how brilliant is that??
Party poppers are not suitable for young children.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts–Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Soldier

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Soldier favour
This is a Queen’s Soldier chocolate I came up with.
Chocolate Soldier favour Elizabeth Shaw Mints
Made from parts of circles using my Stampin’Up 1 3/4” circle punch …..
Elizabeth Shaw Mints
(above back view) ….. some googly eyes and gold peel off outline stickers. 
Elizabeth Shaw Mints Chocolate Soldier…. and a bit of artistic licence!

Diamond Jubilee Crafts

I hope you don’t mind but the Diamond Jubilee weekend is only but a month away and though I intended to spread my Jubilee ideas over the next few weeks, I had noticed on my “feedjit” widget that people are already searching for ideas, so I have decided to lump everything I have come up with over the next few days so that if anyone was inspired they would have plenty of time to get started, after all what’s the point in seeing a good idea two days before the event?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nuts and Bolts Sweeties

Nuts and bolts sweet mix

Look what I found in the old fashioned sweet shop in Wolverhampton last week …. 80p for 100grams …. How cute are they? I am thinking Father’s Day/mini tool already!


Yesterday  I went to see the completed benches that are part of the “Park Your Yarn” installation in St. Peter’s Gardens in Wolverhampton and which was commissioned by Wolverhampton Art Gallery. I had knitted several strips and had taken part in one of the workshops ……Park Your Yarn St peter's Gardens Wolverhampton
…… and I know that it has been very wet, but have to admit to my disappointment in the end results….. I have seen some incredible knitted installations that have taken my breathe away ….. but this isn’t the “woolly wonderland” I had imagined
 St Peter's Gardens Park Your Yarn.
I’ll just leave it at that!

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - Cadbury Miniature Chocolates

Nothing fancy today, just something to add to my bits and pieces for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee later in the summer.
Cadbury Chocolate Minatures
I’ve used scraps from my Papermania Portobello Road stack, cut to measure 1.25cm x 2.5cm, punched circles in matching papers,  crown stickers from Paperchase and peel off strips for the edges.

Friday, 27 April 2012


A couple of people have asked about my “Keep Calm” posters ….. well there’s no big secret I just went to :- where you can design your own poster, to put on a cards, fridge magnets etc, how brilliant is that?
You simply add the words you want, decide what colours you want and tweak the font size if needed so it all fits in. 
When you are happy with your design just right click on your poster and it will save to your computer, it’ll have a mahoooosive long name, but you can change it something shorter
Have fun!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Two Beach/Seashore Cards

The larger of these cards measures 5ins x 5ins and the smaller 3.5ins x 3.5ins.
Seashore card
After I finished making the lighthouse cards (yesterday’s post) I was left with two oval 3D stickers that I wasn’t sure what to do with …. then, I remembered some plastic crabs I got on holiday last year and wondered if they would work well together. 
Seashore Card.
When I saw that they were in proportion I was on a roll …… using text paper from my Papermania A5 Bookprint pad as a background it was all starting to come together….. I just edged each square very roughly with a pale blue Promarker pen and then again with a black finer almost scribbling round the edges.
Lighthouse Card.
The final piece de resistance were the peel off corners (as you know, I usually have a great aversion to most peel offs!), but these looked just like silver seaweed …. and I was so thrilled with the overall effect, in fact I might not let the larger of these cards go!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Lighthouse Themed Cards

Both these cards measure 5ins x 5ins and are made using a white linen effect hand cut blank.
lighthouse card
Dianne in Florida sent me a packet of 3D stickers containing, amongst others, the embellishments I have used on these cards. I love the seagulls and would buy them by the sack load if they sold them on their own, they would just add the finishing touch to so many scenic cards.
Lighthouse card
I’ve also used some text print from my Papermania A5 Bookprint paper pack. I’ve coloured the central panel in with a Promaker pen. As I am not too keen on stamping this paper is a dream come true for me, I get the printed effect I love but without all the fiddle fart with ink etc.!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No crafts today, but I thought I would show you how I “make” my own fonts, it’s so easy, it’s untrue, but with your own font you can make so many projects so much more personal and special.
The site I use is -
The instructions are simple to follow, first you need to download the template and print it off and then fill it in with your own handwriting, however you want to do it…. template
Then you need to scan it, the site will tell you what setting to use etc. When it is scanned you go back to the site and upload it, give it a name and then click on “send file” and then in a minute or so your font is ready to install on your computer, it really is that simple, just follow all the instructions.
I’m addicted ……. have fun!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen’s Handbag - using first4magnets

Diamond Jubilee Crafts
As you know a while back I was contacted by Jonathan at first4magnets to try out some of his products and in my review I remarked that I thought that the round flat magnets would make good clasps on something like handbag favours….. because in the past I have used Velcro which tends to pull at the paper….
…. And with the Diamond Jubilee fast approaching I thought that making “the Queens’s Handbag” would be an apt idea, but please this is just a “prototype” to see if the idea works, so you’ll have to excuse any globules of glue that you can see.
Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen's handbag.
I’ve cut a strip of Bazzill card – 5cms x 14cms, and then scored it at across 2cms, 5cms, 2cms and 5cms to make the bag.
I have then stuck one of Jonathans 6mm magnets at each end of the inside of the handbag.  I will admit to having trouble sorting out the poles, and should have read the instructions on first4magnets website first as my magnets always seemed to repel!!! But as I thought, when opening the flap on the bag there is no tugging and so the paper doesn’t get damaged.
Diamond Jubilee Crafts The Queen's handbag favour
I’ve decorated the bag with a small Union Jack cut from a paper chain (available from most Cancer Research Charity Shops), a die cut crown and red ribbon handle. Inside I have put four of my Jubilee decorated Cadbury miniature chocolates
These would be lovely as table favours at a Jubilee Party, but because of the magnets would not be suitable for small children.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Does Anyone Have???

sizzix die
Does anyone have this die?  If so I wonder if they could cut me out some gingerbread men in felt ….. perhaps we could work out a swop???  I have missed out so many times on e-bay to get my own!! Agghhhh

I Love ……

…… Dandelion clocks ……
…… and can’t actually believe I managed to take a half way descent picture of one …… !

Docrafts Boofle Card

This card measures 5ins x 5ins and is made using a white linen effect hand cut blank.
Boofle Birthday Crad
My love for using Docrafts A4 decoupage sheets continues ….. they have proved so popular at work …. I can’t keep up with demand!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

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I think I may have done it .... I updated my AOL .... the blessed pop ups been pestering me for ages .... and it seems to have solved my Blogger posting at the same time! 

Marc’s Mini Accordion File

Marc sent me something that really fired up my creative juices, not sure what the proper name for them is is so I’m going to call them mini accordion files.  The first two in the picture are the “real thing” and the one on the right is a template that Marc also popped in so I could make my own.
The Japanese one was stunning ….with some of the envelopes containing lovely earrings and a necklace  ……
….. as was the green suede effect one, what is he like!!!!???
Now please bear with me as this was my first attempt …. and just hope the instructions are good enough for you to follow.
Mini Accordian File
First I drew round Marc’s template, onto a firm/thick card, the notches indicate where the score lines should be. I then cut it out and scored and folded it, making the “joints” supple and bendy.
Mini Accordian File 1
I chose to cover my file with a navy silk material/paper (from QVC outlet shop), but with hindsight, as this was my first effort perhaps it would have been easier to used a patterned paper.
Mini Accordian File 2
I cut the silk paper giving me enough spare to fold over to give neat edges using double sided tape to stick it all down.
Mini Accordain File 3
Then I cut out the notches, and proceeded to carefully and as neatly as possible fold over and stick the edges.
Mini Accordian File 4
Voila …. I followed this by cutting another piece of silk paper to cover the inside of the file, again sticking it down with double sided tape.
Mini Accordian File 5
Next came the envelopes, six in all, and all I can say is that Marc’s envelopes are much, much neater than mine ….. I was far too impatient  to see the finished article!
Mini Accordian File 6When the envelopes were all cut out and stuck together, I put a length of double sided tape down the middle and stuck the envelopes one on top of each other to form an accordion effect………
Mini Accordian File 7
…… which I then stuck to both ends of the file.
Mini Accordian File 8
I also added a far too large Velcro fixing to each end ….. again I was in far too much of a hurry!!
mini Accordian File 9
Phew …… finally done and dusted!
Mini Accordian File .
This is now going in my rucksack to keep all my little findings and treasure safe and sound.
I have made a PDF of Marc’s templates, that I will gladly send to anyone who wants it. I am not too hot on this sort of thing, so I think in the process, the templates are now slightly smaller than the originals, so ignore the measurements I scribbled on them, but I am sure that from what I have done, you can use the measurements to make up your own set of templates if you want, or use the template as it is. –

Friday, 20 April 2012

Accessorize Sweet Shop Stickers

These cards each measure 5ins x 5ins and are made using a hand cut white linen effect card blank.
Accessorize Tasty Treets Sweet Shop Stickers
How cute are these stickers from Accessorize (£2.00)?  I just could not resist them, but as I am still on my economy run I only bought two packs (instead of my usual six or seven),  from which I made seven cards with no stickers remaining.
Accessorize Sweet Shop Stickers
The first card I made with them was pretty prim and proper …… so I had another go, this time using one of my Nestabliities dies.
Sweet Shop card I have to admit I prefer the plainer card, but that’s just me….. less is more!