Monday, 16 October 2017

A Simple Lettered Birthday Card

This card measures 5.5ins x 5.5ins and is made using a hand cut, white linen effect card blank.

Simple Random Letter Birthday Card

A very quick and simple Birthday card today made for my son Tom’s birthday.


The self adhesive, chipboard letters came from B M Bargains and cost £1.49 a pack. I especially like the dotted letters as they lend themselves to being “encrusted” festively with clear flat back gems.  I am already planning on using them in the same way as above, but using Christmas words like Merry and Bright, Jingle, and Holly with accompanying small embellishments.


But I digress …….I started by sticking the middle P in Happy on first, as centrally as I could and then added the other letters by working outwardly in a higgledy piggeldy line. I then did the same with T and H on the second line, aligning them roughly with the P above, if that makes sense,  this means that I don’t have to worry too much about getting everything perfectly level and evenly spaced.  Adding clusters of three doodled dots and clear star gems bring the design together. A quick card made in, I reckon, under 15 minutes.