Sunday, 12 February 2017

Ikea Tjena Storage Boxes – My Craft Storage Taking Shape

My Ikea Tjena storage boxes for my craft stuff has finally arrived, with Christmas and various other commitments in the New Year I had to put ordering them on hold,  although they have been much planned and measured for.
Ikea tjena DeliveryAnd loathe and very embarrassed to say this .......but,  I have finally become truly and seriously anal in a decorative nature sort of way …….. Am I becoming Anal Tjena Ikea…….. as said boxes match the Next bed linen in the room perfectly!!!  I can’t believe I’ve just admitted as to how sad I have become, however, there is method in my madness (yes, I am going to justify my anality), as all my craft stuff is going to be stored in what is my guest room, (a lot going under the bed) and I increasingly turn into Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet), I don’t want my guests waking up to gaze upon shelves stacked high with used takeaway boxes!
Tjena Storage Box IkeaIkea Tjena Storage boxes
I have put one of each size box together to give me an idea of how they will look, what will fit in them and where they will go, and I am dead chuffed.  However, before I start sorting it all out,  I need to do a little painting to cover up a few patches here and there ….. and then the task I am not really relishing, sorting all those embellishments, stickers etc. into the right box.underbed storageI know it is likely to become an almighty mess before I finally rein it all in, but in the end it will be a million times better than having to go into my narrow hall cupboard to find the bits and pieces I need to craft with, which has been really getting on my nerves of late. Happy Days!