Thursday, 23 February 2012

Glassine Favour Bags

Glassine Favour 3
I love glassine bags, just the feel of them makes me go all gooey (but each to his own!) and this was one of the ideas I had in mind when I was stockpiling heart shaped chocolates  from Valentines Day to use for other occasions.
Glassine Favour 1
This bags contain four hearts or four ladybirds and measure 9.5cm (plus a 1.5cm fold over) x 6.5cm. All I have done is punch two small holes to thread a ribbon through. and then added a few self adhesive foam flowers and paper lace and small stickers.
Glassine favour 2
I am thinking that these would be lovely for Mother’s Day, or as a small Thank You gift, or even an end of term present for a child to give their teacher perhaps.