Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cards from Christmas Past

Here are a few of my Christmas cards from last year ……….
Angel Christmas CardI’m not 100% about this angel! She looks like she’s got jam all over her face! 
Card using Christmas Tree brads
Everso simple….. topper made using wavy layers of white glitter card, Christmas tree brads and tiny silver stars on a on a long thin blue card blank.
I make all my own card blanks using my trusty Coppernob scoring board and always put a blank insert inside them.
Christmas Cards with snowman buttons
Think these are “Dress Up” buttons from a huge bag I got from US EBay.  The snow flakes are table confetti, sorry I can’t remember the name of the paper.
Christmas Card using cake decoration
This pathetic little snowman is actually a china cake decoration I got from Penkridge Market (Staffs), think they were 30p each.
Christmas Lights Christmas Crad
This is one of my favourite cards ever!  The bulbs are from Crafts for Christmas.  I threaded them one at a time onto  crafting wire, winding the wire round a cotton bud about four times before adding the next bulb, then tucked the surplus wire behind the base card and finally mat and layered onto silver mirror card.Christmas tree with buttons
This card is a reject, as the tree  is ever so slightly squiffy.  Snowman Card using Poundland Stickers
This snowman card was a lot of fiddle fart…. with a lot of mat and layering and faux stitching.  The snowman and star were from a big double pack of 3D stickers from Poundland. When I saw them I filled my basket, because if you don’t buy them when you see them, you never see them again!Forensic Christmas Card
My son works in Forensics and likes to give his friends a forensic themed card each year! 
The H’s were cut out on my Cuttlebug (now traded in for a Big Shot), the fingerprints were taken from Google and glittered with translucent micro glitter …… and would you believe it  someone in his office identified that the fingerprints were actually upside down!
Finally this is the picture I put on my cards, for my kids, as we are all quite Monkey mad!  (If you haven’t already, have a look at my other blog by clicking on the monkey picture at the top of this page , it’s quite, quite mad!
Well that’s some of my cards from Christmas past! 
Now all I have to do is make cards for Christmas present!