Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sticky-Beaking The Progress In My Guest Room.

Well, the much planned for compartment shelving has been finished in my Guest Room, it took two and a half days and I am so chuffed with the end result, it cost some of my kids inheritance, but I think they were worth it. They are built to last and I reckon it would take an earthquake to move them!
Bedroom shelvingI was aiming for a loose/layered/informal bohemian feel (I do like to work to a theme as you have probably noticed), but my initial choice of Ikea units/bed has a more structured contemporary feel, as does the new shelving, so it’s all down to how I accessorise the room, however I have to say I am now moving towards a 60’s/70’s glass and kitsch look  ……..
bare bedroom 3bare bedroombare bedroom 2
……. but whatever,  it will take time to achieve and undoubtedly lots of happy charity shop mooching for treasures, wooooooo hoooooo hoooooo!
Beaded tealight lamp on windowsillNew bedroom shelving
The wall of drawers and other new shelving was primarily created for the storage of my craft stuff.  I intend to leave the top larger drawer in the main unit empty for guests to put their stuff in when they stay. They will also have the use of both bedside units, plus two hooks on the back of the door and the knobs on the mirror to hang their things on.
Bedroom compartment beddingI have already started filling the drawers of the smaller unit; stamps/inks in one, punches in another and label makers and ribbons in the bottom one.
craft drawers in bedroomstorecupboard IMG_0291
The aim is to move all my crafty bits and pieces from the unit in the hall cupboard to the guest room to then make room for Iris and Bertie’s toys, plus bulky household supplies, like washing powder etc. when bought on offer in bulk.
Measuring Up for Ikea Storage boxestjena-box-with-lid-blue
After quite a bit of calculating, I will also be ordering an assortment of boxes from Ikea’s Tjena range in light blue for the shelves above to house embellishments, 6” x 6” papers, etc. While under the bed I have already have  large plastic boxes for A4 card, mirror card etc.  I hope it will all flow.  Since restarting blogging I have been going backwards and forwards for stuff from the hall cupboard to craft with and it has proved to be cramped up nightmare. Once everything has been moved and a lot of sorting and labelling done, putting my hands on materials will be a lot easier, without having to take everything out every time time I need something.. I was very, very spoilt to have a craft room in Wolverhampton, I have to admit to hankering over it a little  …… but in the coming months hopefully my new system will work.
Dunelm Mirror before paintingThe only eyesore in the room now is the mirror! It still needs a little more stripping of the chalk paint I used which created a hideous mess. The original colour was cream, and I have now decided to forget about using any other fancy colours on it, it will be simply glossed white ……. to show off all the twiddly fiddly things I plan to put on it.  With hindsight I should have put off buying it until the room was finished, but there again, hindsight is a wonderful thing!