Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My Home Bargains £1.99 Watch

This was an impulse buy on Sunday from Home Bargains for £1.99.  I picked it up and wondered what would happen if I covered the rectangular panels that made up the bracelet with Decopatch.  I risked not taking it to pieces as I thought the chances of my being able to put it back together again were slim!
Home Bargains Watch
My idea came together much easier than I thought it would. After sticking on  the Decoupatch I applied several coats of clean satin varnish.  I’m not sure how durable the new finish will be,  I suppose the proof is in the wearing, I’ll let you know ……
Picture 719
Taking these pictures was a nightmare with the glare on the varnish  and getting the light just right, but I hope you can get a gist of what the finished item looks like.
Altered watch
As a first experiment I am pretty pleased, but I could improve on the overall finish  …. and at £1.99 each  I am going to invest in a couple more, especially as they also had a black version on which I would like to try something a bit Art Nouveau/Art Deco …….