Thursday, 8 January 2015

Guest Crafter–The Equally Lovely Denise.

New Years Resolution No.1,678 …….. I must try and use my Silhouette at least once a month, because The Equally Lovely Denise is putting me to shame as she has well and truly mastered print and cut ……..
…… as you can see from these lovely boxes and bags she made The Boyz for Christmas ……
…… where I have to confess, the last time I cut anything on my Silhouette was for Tom and The Lovely Laura’s wedding ……. hangs head in shame!
Marc also shames me because every week he texts to remind me to download the weekly free shape ……. so, I think I will start very simply again and try and build up my enthusiasm.  I think it’s because I spend so much on the computer every day, that I prefer chilling when I get home with something I find easy rather than the thought of fiddle farting and risk getting frustrated if things don’t cut out exactly to plan.
And then when it come to knitting and crocheting, Denise is the Grand Dame, as this key ring shows …… I just wouldn’t have a clue where to start, and just the thought makes my gums itch just looking at it, as do most things that are of a sewn, knitted or crocheted nature!!