Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Crystal Chandelier Drop Christmas Tree

My old Christmas tree and almost all of my decorations were further casualties  of my ruthless downsize.  I knew had to be brutal, but I was so cutthroat at times I think it even made my eyes water now and again.
Jewelled Christmas Tree with Chandalier glass dropsI moved without a single idea in my head for any room, but it didn’t take long to realise that there really wouldn’t be a place in my lounge/dining/kitchen area for a traditional Christmas tree, so it had to be on with the new! I had always fancied one of those bare, pre lit, twig type trees and found just the one in the lighting department of The Range in June, and bought it there and then, before I had even bought a stick of furniture for the flat!
crystalsI had also saved the picture above in my “Inspiration” folder and set about scouring the charity shops of Evesham and e-bay for glass chandeliers (as below) and lamp shades that I could take apart for the drops.
It didn’t take long and probably cost less than £25  to put together about glass 50 or so drops, of varying shapes and lengths.
vintage chandalier drops christmas tree decorationsWhite Branch Christmas Tree with jewelled glass chandalier drops
I also added about 20 small silver hearts into the mix (also from The Range),  but against the calico coloured wall it needed just the tiniest splash of colour to make it pop. I already had a few very small, gold, glass baubles that I couldn’t part with during the move and they looked good, but the final touch of colour came from a box of small baubles in purple, cerise and turquoise from The Works, they bought it all together.
Crystal Christmas Tree using Chandalier DropsThe tree stands on a Ikea Hemnes set of drawers to the side of the sofa and next to the door.  It is different, but just seems to go in the modern room setting.
I’ve tried my best to capture it, but, if I may say so,  the pictures really don’t do it justice.