Monday, 16 June 2014

Marc’s Primark Doorstop(s)

Animal door stops are so on trend this season (hark at me!!!!!!) and absolutely everywhere ….. but the prices!!!  Oh my goodness!  This tale goes back to February when I was staying with Marc and he took me to Hammersmith, he knows how to treat a girl! We did all the charity shops and Primark which is where Marc spotted these door stops for, can you believe it ….. £5 each?
Pic 1Picture4
We were very impressed and ohhhhed and ahhhhhed,  but at the time didn’t make a considered purchase, because Marc also had his eye on a particularly snazzy pair boots and I was snapping up candles and London embellished souvenirs like their bags, purses, socks and  wallets for presents ….. and to be honest the doorstops were heavy …… but it wasn’t long before Marc started to regret it as they had artistic potential … and after I had gone he bought in bulk …… because they were a blank canvas to “do up”……..
This is the one he saved for me on my next visit …… where  he simply added a ribbon ruff and very, very lovely and sparkly lead ….. which Marc tells me was once one of the belts from a “Material Girl’s” costume during one of her tours and Marc was designing some of her outfits…. but who are we to name drop!
Pug Door stop
Just a couple of simple touches and my pooch has taken on a completely new persona. From what I can remember Marc added various other neckerchiefs and ruffles to others and created a couple of pirates and clowns ……
Such a simple idea, but once you let your imagination loose the possibilities are endless … if you were giving one as a present you could match them to occupations, hobbies or occasions……
I have to add here that my “Rufus” isn’t allowed to sit by the door, he might get hurt, so he sits safe and sound beside the fireplace,  with his lead very artistically arranged!