Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What’s On My Kitchen Table Wednesday

No shopping today, and no room in my craft room for this mammoth project ……
I foolishly agreed to make 100 favour bags (plus a few extra) for a friends wedding … mouth, brain, engage?????
Picture 143
Fortunately, my lovely sister Jan has agreed to help me.  In our first session we achieved  lot more than we anticipated, managing to punch out all the shapes we needed, (400 of everything!)  and even managed to stick a few bits together.
Picture 147 Picture 146
The idea is to have four covered mints in each packet, two of each colour way.  The colour scheme is blue and ivory, one set of mints will be covered as below, the other set will be in the opposite order - i.e. cream flower on blue circle etc.
Picture 145
They will be put in a tall, slim cello pretzel bag, with a blue bow and cream tag.  In the centre of each flower will be a clear flat backed gem. I will post again when we have moved on a stage.  We must be stark staring mad!!!!