Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Review - Using Masking Sticker Set From WholePort

Genius at Work WholePortI thought I would do a little review and have a little play with one of the Masking Sticker Sets (ver. basic) I received in my first parcel of goodies from WholePort.  The first thing I noticed was just how put the packaging was!
WholePort masking Sticker Set.Masking ASticker Set ver. basic WholePort
Each pack contains 27 different patterned sheets, made up of self adhesive paper 7.5mm, 15mm strips and 13mm dots.  My second impression was that the students where I work would love these stickers to use as page markers, to accentuate key words or just to embellish their work.   I’ve used a few on one of my Smash Book pages to stick down a couple of tickets and as labels.
Smash Book I’ve used them along with my old faithful Dymo label maker to make these gift tags,
Masking Sticker Set Gift Tags WholePortSomething very simple but effective, especially if teamed up with a plain wrapping paper.
012I added just one strip on the back of the tags and would also be tempted, if giving a card with the gift, to add a few stripes to the envelope to carry the theme through.