Monday, 7 October 2013

How many People Can Say They Went To Vegas And Went To A 99c Store?????

Oh my life, you’ll never know how much I have wanted to go to a “real” dollar store like Dollar Tree since finding out about them through blogging and the internet ….. what a thing to have on your bucket list!!!
However, on the day I finally made it to one we’d already been to The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, Michael’s and Walmart! Back home this would have been a mere poottle around  …... but in Vegas,  in the HEAT ….. oh dear lord, the HEAT, us Wolverhampton girls just aint built to take it! We were totally exhausted and none to fragrant by this stage (about 4.00pm), but I was determined to give it my best shot!!
In some ways I was glad that this wasn’t the best 99c shop in the world for creative bits and pieces  …. as I was almost cross eyed with heat and fatigue and couldn’t really take it all in …. and incredible as it seems now, I only spent $10.25 - £6.32!!!!!This 99c Store had aisles and aisles of food, far more than our Poundshops,  including a Deli and frozen section, which surprised me.   And I really I wish I had bought this popcorn now, how good would it have looked in my craft room,  but space and weight in my suitcase was a constant issue when fiddlefart shopping …. and with hindsight I wish I hadn’t taken quite so many clothes!
So what did I purchase ….?
A drinking jar, as seen on Big Brother, and sold here for stupid money here ….. 65p in 99c Store!!!  If only I could have bought more home ….. but I was determined that this one at least would come home with me.
Two glass candle sticks?? Lucy thought I was mad …. and what I wanted to buy to go with them were glasses that would, when glued on top would have made perfect Halloween Apothecary jars like below ……. but there was no way I could have got them home ….
And four pair of reading glasses, that are sooooo cute, 65p???? OMG! You can’t see them clearly in the picture but they have three “diamonds” on each side of the frame …. I have a drawer of reading glasses of every colour and pattern …. but these are my favourite at the moment, but I am frightened to wear them in case I lose them, which I always do!!
And finally …… a dollar store tote ….. which I shall use proudly as a kitsch accessory!!!
An everso slightly disappointing haul … and if we hadn’t packed so much other stuff into our two weeks I wish I’d had time to jump into a taxi and said “Dollar Tree,  my good man” …… just for a second bite of the cherry. But,  if I am ever lucky enough to go to the States again I’ll definitely only be taking two outfits, one to wear and one in the wash!!!!