Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Another Primark Necklace Card

I was in a quandary about this necklace, I love the design  and have worn it once, but it didn’t sit quite right on my not too swan like neck …….
Primark Necklace
So yes, I have taken it apart …. it cost £3.00 and I reckon I will get at least 6 cards out of it.
Primark necklace Parts
However, as the flowers are not all the same size or style I  will have to vary the size and design of cards accordingly.
Card 1
The paper I have uses on these  cards  is from Craft House and is called  Allsorts.
Picture 104
Picture 110 Picture 112
Picture 113
I have 8 flowers left over – hopefully, inspiration on how to use them will come to me during the coming week.