Saturday, 7 January 2017

Experimenting With Microscope Slide Decorations

Marc and I have “played” with microscope slide decorations several times before, and my latest idea was wondering if we could use the temporary metallic tattoos I found in Home Bargains for 75p per pack, after seeing them used on clear glass Christmas baubles.
temporary metallic body tattoosmetallic peacock feather tatoo
And, this was a time when, yet again, when Marc got to see just how impatient I am when crafting, topped of with an obsession for projects like this being double-sided (my reasoning being if they can be seen from several angles while hanging, then both sides should equally interesting.!!!)  Marc also knows that I can’t wait for anything to dry and in the process have to keep fiddling and worrying something!
 Microscope Slide DecorationMicroscope Slide Decoration Temporary TatooMicroscope Slide Decoration experiment
Anyway, the tattoos transferred onto the glass very successfully, and for the purposes of these experiments we used only one slide, however if I  do them again I would put two slides together to protect and preserve the tattoo permanently.  Marc experimented with Glossy Accents and micro glitter on the back of his slides as another way of preserving and protecting his tattoos with mixed results.  I think we both decided that the glitter didn’t really work, as the stickers got lost amongst it all. We used copper and gold adhesive foil round the edges of microscope slides, however, Marc quite fancies having a go at soldering at sometime, which is what we have seen with a lot of “professional” microscope decorations and pendants.
Microscope Christmas Tree Decoration Reverse 4Microscope Slide Tree Decoration ChristmasIMG_9845Microscope Slide Christmas Tree Decoration 3
My biggest frustration with our method of making microscope slides has always been what to add/make as an anchor from which to hang the finished slide (I think when soldering a ring is “simply” added to the top, with the solder then keeping it in place).  On this occasion Marc created hangers using jewellery making copper wire and E900 glue to keep them in place, with reasonable success   I think this idea still needs to be explored an awful lot more (….. if I have the patience), at the moment I am determined to crack it sometime this year, so that by next Christmas I will finally be happy to make and give them as presents, and, perhaps, sell a few too. I am already thinking filigree wraps/connectors (?) on the top and bottom of the slides, as I have seen on Etsy,  I may even have to have a go at soldering with Marc, if he could bear it.
Microscope Slide ArtMicroscope Slide Art 1
Marc found a microscope slide of mine from one of our previous experiments, I added three tiny red/yellow stickers on the flowers on the front, which worked OK, but the stickers I added on the back were again lost. 
Memory Glass Snowman decorationThen I had a go at making a square shaped glass decoration using a silver snowman bubble sticker and white chalk pen on the inside, to preserve it …… however, I hate it …… its clumsy and crude, but all part of the learning process!
Pearl Bead Pendant Tray CraftsAnd finally,  from all our experimenting, I filled a gold pendant tray with glossy accents and assorted very small flat backed pearls, the judges are out on this one!!!  All I will say is that sometimes close up photography does nothing for very small projects.