Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wooooo Hoooo ….. My Altered Mirror Is Finally Complete …..

Handpainted jewelled mirrorI have been working hard on my altered mirror, and woo hoo, it’s finally finished. Below is how it looked last time you saw it ….
Picture151I have to admit at this stage I wasn’t sure if it would look right,  I had gone into it very all guns blazing,  without any real planning and frankly it looked “basic” …. however, I don’t like to give up.  But even now it’s done, I question if it was the  “best” use of my Promarker pens, quite a lot of them were on their last legs though, so perhaps it’s time I treated myself to a couple of new sets …. so if anyone knows where I can get some cheap????
Handpainted jewelled mirror 3……This is how far I got before deciding that I shouldn’t do anymore until I had invested in a couple of new permanent black pens, the emulsion paint was good base for the colours, but it didn’t half dry the nibs of the black pens I already had.
Handpainted jewelled mirror 5Handpainted jewelled mirror 4
And then ……  I took the risk of spoiling it all …. by adding great clusters of pink, turquoise and clear flat backed gems …..
Handpainted jewelled mirror 6
….. but,  I think the risk paid off as it does look stunning,  if I may say so myself, but not everybody’s cup of tea I know. 
Handpainted jewelled mirror 7
The photos just don’t really do it justice ….. because in the right light the gems are sooooo, sooooo  sparkly.  I am dead chuffed ….. only problem is …. I don’t have anywhere to hang it now  …… doh!