Monday, 13 September 2010

Tesco Advent Calendar House Update 1 – Slow Progress

Do you remember back in April when I started to alter my Tesco Advent Calendar House? Tesco Advent House Well progress has been slow non existent, but now that I have started my Christmas blogging,  I thought I had better pull my festive finger out!
The last time you saw this project I had just spray painted the body and had sat on a very hot April Saturday afternoon giving the drawers two coats of paint by hand. I have a very low boredom threshold, so after doing five my gums were itching, but I persevered.
Choosing a theme was hard, but eventually I decided on 'snow and snowmen', with a dull turqouisey blue, white and browny colour scheme basically because I had several sheets of Basic Grey, (BLI –337) Jack Frost – Blitzen left over from another project. This paper was for the front of the drawers, the side panels and the eaves of the house.  I had also worked out how to make the little knobs for the drawers (if you pardon the expression) as I was worried that they might not be that easy to open …… and that’s as far as I got!
Tesco Advent Calender Drawer
Coming back to the project in September, I found that after two layers of paint the drawers didn't slip out of the house very easily, so I spent a joyous evening rubbing each one with candle wax (a tip I got from UKScrappers) which worked a treat.
Drawer Knobs for Tesco Advent Calendar House
I have also prepared the drawer knobs ……… what a fiddle fart, these were, made using wooden beads from a Poundland necklace that I spray painted white and then glued a flat back gem to what would be the front part, doing twenty three of these sent me cross eyed.
Templates for Drawers for Tesco Advent House
Finally, to the drawer fronts, I made a stencil and cut and glued on twenty-three of the little blighters plus one star shaped one for the top "24th" drawer..
 Tesco Advent House
I have covered them with several coats of Modge Podge Sparkle, which has given the house a really subtle, twinkly, magical appearance, something I had hoped for, but having never used this type of Modge Podge before I wasn't sure of it's properties, but when completely dry it does look quite beautiful.  That's it for the moment, I now need to work out how to do the roof ………..