Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just For Fun …. Tour T-Shirts and Badges!

As you know I’m off on a ski trip soon with work ….. and thought it would be fun to make some tour “merchandise” for the staff who are going.
Picture 163
I can’t believe that I got the first one horribly wrong …(which was mine fortunately) …. first rule of transfer printing …. is to reverse the writing ……. DOH!!!!
T shirt
This is the design I came up with but unfortunately it didn’t transfer quite as distinctively against the grey  as I had hoped ….. but as the shirts only cost £1.90 each  from Primark and are  probably going to  be worn once as a joke or in bed I am not going to be too precious about the not  so  perfect results.
The Only Way Is Up
I made some badges too, that hopefully will be worn a lot of the time.
The Only Way Is Up? That is our theme, a song by Yaz  , which we will play every morning before we hit the slopes to get in the mood!

What’s In My Posh Sweetie Dish …. While I’m Crafting Today?

Picture 119
Haribo’s version of liquorice allsorts ……