Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Objects Of Desire

Lucy (my daughter) and I  often say we both need another house to put all the furniture that we see and love but which just wouldn’t fit or suit the flat/house we live in. It might also be an idea to turn a blind eye to all such delights and stop visiting charity shops and antiques centres all together, but I don’t think that will ever happen. 
So today I bring you a few objects of my desire …….
My jaw dropped when I saw this 60’s/70’s sideboard …… OMG did I want it!
……. as well as the cabinet above …… it would make the most fantastic cocktail cabinet.  I love anything from 50’s and 60’s and some 70’s, the more kitsch the better. My brother in law has a small bungalow back in Wolverhampton which is 60/70s in style and every time I go my mind has a terrible habit of wandering as to how I would furnish and decorate it to suit the period.
But then, I also like a bit of Gothic, this was the second time I’d gravitated towards this mirror at Bonds near Stratford Upon Avon ….. and then I saw and remembered the price tag of around £485 ….. dream on lady!
I also spotted this coat …… believe me, when I finally hit a size 12 by the summer it would at least get a try on, and then I would see Lucy’s nose wrinkle and  think perhaps I should leave it where it is ….. at least for a while!!!!!
And finally this dresser/dressing table in Forces Support shop in Evesham. I guess it’s probably Edwardian and sadly I had to make do with opening all the drawers and side cabinets and then just stroking it, sighing that it was never meant to be ……
It was a steal at only £145 but it would have to be in the right house to bring out all its quirky beauty.  Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but definitely mine.  I am not sure about wanting one house to fill with my weird and wonderful desires, I think I need a whole terrace of them.