Friday, 25 December 2009

Desert Island Crafts – Part 1

Before Christmas I put together a few posts to publish over the holiday because it just wouldn’t feel right having nothing popping up here at 00.01 each morning!
So for the next few days I have selected the tools in my craftroom that I would have to have on my desert island …..
I apologise for the state of some of the stuff , you can see from the photos how used it is!
glue bottles
My Fine Tip PVA applicators – these give you a very fine application of glue, it is so fine you don’t get a ripple effect when you are gluing paper and the metal tip is perfect for gluing the smallest embellishment, even the tiniest gem.
The bottles come empty, I fill mine with PVA glue because it is strong and dries clear.
The pins that come with the bottles (spares are available) prevent the metal tip clogging up and don’t rust.
This has got to be the best glue applicator ever!
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