Thursday, 19 September 2019

Meeting Up And Shopping With Marc In Worcester.

It's so brilliant that when we're both really busy, but Marc is at the cottage, we can still meet up for a day in Worcester for a catch up and a little retail as it's only 20 minutes away for me by train. and for Marc in the van. We met up a couple of weeks ago and it was sooooooooo good!
Needless to say we did all the discount and charity shops, with Marc finally got his little mitts on some "The Pink Stuff" as recommended by Mrs Hinch!
Poundland's Halloween range certainly did not disappoint, both our baskets were overflowing, although  I am in great need of assorted Halloween stickers none were to be found!  A few years back they used to be everywhere, but their popularity seems to have wanned.
Marc has bought quite a few of these glass light up skulls ...... well, a box of 24 from the Malvern store. He is going to remove the lights and stopper (which is attached to the lights and contains the battery) and after washing thoroughly will refill the bottles with flavoured vodka, replacing the stopper with a cork to give as favours or presents.  To buy the skulls as bottles would cost a fortune from a retailer ...... but with these Marc gets the extra bonus of also being be left with a string of lights, to use on other projects, if only round the odd potted plant, the stopper should be pretty easy to hide or disguise.

In our retail excitement I forget to take any pictures of Marc's haul in the large Home Bargains there, as he bought a HUGE open skull that is going to make the most fantastic planter for the garden, a large skeleton dog and another smaller skull which he is going to paint  black and then decorate with flowers as part of a "Mexican Day of The Dead" project.
Over lunch Marc shared with me the "artistic" meals Iain has been preparing for him of late, what is he like?
Almost all the charity shops in Worcester are based in one street which is really handy. We both somehow managed to resist tearing each other apart for the whimsical clock confection of a clown sitting under a lamppost with only a dove for a friend for only £3 (above).  To be honest, said charity shops yielded very little on the day  ....... until we came to the last one which I believe was the Birch Hill Dog Rescue and then I think I got my greatest charity shop buy ever .........
........ with this huge and stunning crocheted blanket for an unbelievable £10.  I have been looking for a crocheted blanket for ages, but had not found one that could compare. As you can see, it's in my spare/guest room ready for the autumn and winter. I hadn't really got the purchase of any more bedding on my to do list, but found a very reasonably priced plain, teal, king size duvet with matching pillowslips on Amazon to go with it, as the floral set (spring and summer) that was already on the bed wasjust too much and really didn't work with it. However, the yellow pillowslips and cushions work well with the new edition. Its weird how new bedding can change the whole look/feel of a bedroom ...... now the room feels cosy as opposed to being sharp and crisp.

It was a wonderful if tiring day, Marc and I never stopped talking and exchanging ideas ....... as well as a much lighter wallet/purse!