Monday, 2 September 2013

Christmas Badges

Ok, ok,  …. so I have started Christmas already!  In the past I have done projects way before time when the mood and/or inspiration took me but then scheduled them for Sept/Oct onwards, but this year I’m just going to publish them,  as I do them, it’s much easier for me that way, and if you are anything like me, you are probably already on the prowl looking for new ideas anyway!
Christmas Badges
So, this is a badge I made using my “Bandai Badge-It”,  in it’s packaging.  I think if you are selling handmade items at Fayres etc. in the run up to Christmas, how they are presented makes all the difference.  It might take a little more time, but a packaged item, like this badge,  seems to attract more attention when it’s “all dolled up” rather than just “thrown” into a box with a lot of others. It looks a little more professional and helps people look at it as small gift they could give … especially as you have sort of done half the gift wrapping/presentation for them already!
Christmas Badges.1
I started by stamping a few snowmen on a sheet of paper using an Anita’s snowman stamp, (sorry there is no serial number), and then created a little scene of snow and sky around them,  but within the boundaries of the Badge-It template, colouring it in and then adding a little Hunkydory Diamond Sparkles micro glitter.
Christmas Badges.2
After cutting a snowman circle out,  I put it through the Badge-It to create a badge, I know it’s “a toy” but I think it’s brilliant, as I must have told you a hundred times by now!
Christmas Badges.3
All I then needed to do was make the card to attach the badge to, using a bit of “fiddlefart” writing and faux stitching and a small self adhesive foam pad to keep the badge in place,  before popping it all in a small cello bag …..
Christmas Badges.4
…….. done and dusted and simples!