Thursday, 11 July 2019

Iris's Succinct Summing Up Nanny .........

Out of the mouth of babes! These are two pages from Iris's homework/cool time book when she was asked to write about someone in her family.  Iris's first line when writing about me?   ........ "Nanny likes glitter"and she's sooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooo right!
Yes, I am kind too, as I never fail to share my glitter whenever she and Bertie visit/stayover. It gets everywhere, from their faces and clothes, to the shower and bath, the floor and furniture and even carpet in the communal entrance  to my flat!

"Nanny took me to see The Wiggles" Sometimes we don't realise just how deep the memories of experiences go, but obviously the time, two years ago when Lu and I took Iris and Bertie to The Wiggles Show in Birmingham and then waited afterwards to meet them, when Iris was barley three years old still remains one of those significant moments that created a huge impression.
And the chia latte?  That girl don't miss a trick! Yes, I have pods for my coffee maker beside my bed for my first drink of the day before I get up.  I have another jar of pods for my coffee maker in the kitchen/diner ......... and whenever we go out it's always my drink of choice. I guess she REALLY knows me!