Saturday, 5 August 2017

Wooden Angel Tags

These tags were made using mini 5.5 cm x .5 craft sticks (from e-bay)
Angel Craft Stick TagsThe angels were part of a Christmas decoration, a 99p charity shop find which I bought and disassembled just for the twenty or so angels.
Angel Christmas Tree decoration_thumb[2]wooden angel decoartion peg_thumb[23]
I didn’t keep the pegs that they were attached to as they were past redemption with holes drilled into them, but I still have the tree frame, somewhere.
IMG_3713 I made up the frames with a starry background.
IMG_3715I used a black fine liner pen for faux stitching all the edges and then added four tiny blue buttons in the corners.
IMG_3772I drilled a small hole in the corner of the frame for a large, silver jump ring for a tying or hanging thread ………
IMG_3774……. and neatened up the back for a message, if used as a tag.
Wooden Angel Craft Stick TagNot a lot to them, but very sweet and at least I can say that a crafty charity shop was not left languishing in a drawer as so often happens, but was used!