Monday, 31 May 2010

100 Wedding Favors Finally Finished.

Well, I have finished the wedding favors I started a couple of weeks ago with my sister, and yes, I have finally learned the lesson of engaging my brain before my mouth! And, on top of that, I never want to see or smell another Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp again!
Scalloped circle wedding favors in bag
The last time you saw these little darlings they were sitting on my kitchen table all punched out and waiting to be stuck together. 
Scallop circle wedding favors
I have used  cello pretzel bags (from e-bay)  to put  the finished mints in.  It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but the sweets won’t be able move about in the bag when they are moved.
Tag at the top of scallop circle wedding favors

In all we covered 400 mints - to make up 100 bags.  That's 800 sets of scalloped circles, plain circles and flowers!  Mad? ....... Yes, absolutley barking!!! We have both now taken to howling at the moon!

To see the punches etc. that  I have  used  to make these favors just follow this link:-
You can order the scallop and plain circle punches from my friend Lisa