Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remembrance Poppies

There are so many beautiful poppies this year
The Buckley Poppy has really taken off this year and is stunning with funds going to the British Legion - but I think they are awaiting new stock at the moment and I am not sure how much they cost.
Glittered Poppies
But look what came in the post for me yesterday from Marc.  They are equally as stunning …. he has taken  ordinary Remberance poppies and then sprinkled them with ultra fine glitter using PVA glue. They really are beautiful and what a brilliant idea! Very showbiz! He also gave me another idea for using embossing powders to give a poppy a sort of porcelain look which I was desperate to try. 
 Embossed and glittered rememberance Poppy
On the first one I just used an iridescent powder with several layers of clear powder on top.
Embossed Rememberance Poppy
And on the second I used several layers of red and green powders and just love the effect.
 The life in my men
Also in my envelope from Marc was  a note with this stamp on the back …. knowing Marc it made me howl!!!!  I really think I need to persuade him to do a "celebrity" guest spot for us once a month ..... we should start a petition!!!