Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pilfered Wooden Spoons

I am a terrible tea leaf ….. but when I saw these wooden spoons in the sugar/sweetener/stirrer section of a snack bar called Yums, I couldn’t resist popping a few in my bag.
Wooden Spoons from Yum
Any ideas what I can do with them?????

Film Lovers Card

Picture 143
This card was made for a gentleman who had just completed his degree in Media and who also loves films. I’ve used this digi scrapbook set from for another card a while ago, it’s pretty verasrtile.
Picture 144 
I’ve made a simple decoupage layers for the camera, tickets and clapperboard, added a few crystal stars and some dimension paint for the popcorn.
Picture 145
I have quite a few digi scrapbooking sets, but I am afraid I don’t use them often enough, it’s only when I use them on a card like this that I realise how brilliant and simple they are to use.

Knitted Liquorice Allsorts

Knitted Liquorice Allsorts
How cute are these?  But I can’t take the honours, my mum knit them for my sisters birthday, they must have driven her crackers!  She has far more patience than me!
Knitted Liquorice Allsorts 1
They had seen something very similar in Covent Garden on a recent trip and my mum went straight out and found the knitting pattern to have a go. She said they were a devil to sew up and stuff!