Monday, 7 August 2017

Jewelled Oval Mirror

Hmmmmm, not too sure about this one, at the moment …….
When my father-in-laws house was being cleared to sell last year, I asked if I could have the oval mirror that had hung in the dining room forever, it had no value, but I hoped that in time I could breath new life into it, so that it could continue live on, all be it in a different guise, hopefully somewhere in my new home.
Jewelled MirrorThe mirror measures approximately 58cms at its tallest  and 36cms at its widest .
With the mirrors I have bejewelled in the past I have been fairly random in my placing of the jewels, but this time, because of the shape, lack of frame and the type of jewels I was much more disciplined, trying to keep things as symmetrical as I could.  I am not sure if that’s really me though!
IMG_3947The roses were taken from four Poundland bracelets and the other gems taken from charity shop finds, costing no more than five pounds in total.
IMG_3940I started at the top, then the bottom, trying to “mirror” the pattern, then did the same again on the middle sections of the sides, filling the rest when I was happy,  but now looking at the finished results I wonder if it’s just a little too ordered, it seems to lack the character of my previous random mirrors.
Although there are jewels all the way round, leaving no spaces, I have decided to put the mirror under wraps for a while, to be continued at a later date. I don’t think the edges are “encrusted” enough, but finding jewels that will fit in might take a little while, perhaps a trip to Primark might help. I think it might also need another colour or two, and perhaps a bit of layering, especially on the large turquoise gems.   It’s all a bit of trial and error, but I think I will get there in the end …… it just needs that added element of randomness.