Monday, 17 May 2010


I hope you have a cup of coffee with you ..... there are two posts today and they are both rather long!!!!!

Wedding Favors for French Wedding in France …..

checked favor bags - sugar almonds
Aghhhhh, this weekend was a bit of a manic rush (BUT I still managed to fit some “crafty” shopping in!).
I thought I had plenty of time to do some wedding favors for a friend …. when really, she wanted to take them back to France this Wednesday! To be honest, other than set up the template and put the papers aside, I hadn’t given it much thought ……. DOH!
However, as I only had thirty  to make, it wasn’t too onerous a task. - I did the bulk of the fiddle farting while watching Britains Got Talent!
Picture 174 Picture 176
The template was a download design from Quickutz  Silhouette (Bag_0145), it was a bit fiddly to put together, but I think that may be down to my resizing it rather than the design.
Ikea Flyn Lill - organza for favor boxes
I used this organza type fabric from IKEA to pad out the bottom of the box instead of using tissue paper to give them a classier feel.  I cut it into rough 6” x 6” squares and roughly arranged them in each box (details - Flyn Lill, about £2.99 – 60 x 300cm, IKEA).
Sugared Almond Poem - wedding favor
I printed a sheet of small cards, using this poem that I found on the net, explaining the significance of using five sugared almonds in a wedding favor.  I cut the sheet up and put a card in each box. The font used is Papyrus.
sugared almonds from france 5 sugared almonds
I  put five sugared almonds, bought specially from France, into a pretzel cello bag (2ins x 9ins from e-bay), cutting it down to size and tied with a narrow ribbon.
 Checked favor bag - suagered almonds
The checked paper came from Paperbox at  the NEC  Hobbycrafts last year, I looked for it this year but they didn’t have anymore, which was a great pity as it is brilliant for this sort of project.
Wedding Favor - sugared almonds
The large flower is made using Whale Of A Punch retro flower, the smaller one is by EK Success and the leaves are made using a Woodware punch.
Wedding Favors ready to go
Favors packaged and ready to go to France ……. Bon Voyage ..........
Only about twenty sugared almonds were eaten during this project, which is a miracle as I ADORE them.!

Bargains of the Week …. from Poundland

I like doing posts about what’s new in Poundland because I don’t have to keep remembering what everything cost …… but, just in case ….. everything here cost me £1.00 each.
Picture 183
Look at these brilliant jellies …. 8 in a pack, I will blog what I am going to make with them in the next little while, but aren’t they cute?
Poundland England Stickers World Cup
With the World Cup looming this pack of stickers is going to come in very useful.
Poundland Fashion Laces
There are four sets of lovely patterend shoelaces here  ….. but I thought they could also be used on cards, scrapbook pages or tied to ring binding on Bind It All books instead of ribbons.
Tuxedo favor boxes from Poundland
The School Prom Season is about to begin and these boxes would make a great gift box to give to a young gentleman with an assortment of funny little things inside; a sample of aftershave, some mints or gum, money for a taxi home, a little black notebook and pen   ……….. that sort of thing.
Poundland Moroccan Lamp
And lastly, you know that I am potty about little lanterns, well – how lovely is this? ….I got five …. to hang in the trees in my garden, BRILLIANT!