Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Photo Collage Leaving Card For A Very Special Lady.

This card is A5 in size and is a hand cut blank made using a white linen effect card.
leaving cardBetween March and December this year,  I and all the other girls in the office had the enormous pleasure of working with Sally, a “temp” who filled in for Sarah, another much loved colleague, who left us for a while to take Adoption Leave.
leaving card using photosIn the time Sally was with us we have never laughed so much, or had so much fun, and I have to say that Sally was very good at giving as good as she got!!!!!  It was as if Sally had been with us forever and it was very, very sad when she had to leave because there wasn’t the opportunity for her to stay once Sarah returned, but happily she got a job at the school next door and she has become a friend for life.
020We had a little leaving soiree chez moi to say goodbye properly ………..
…….. in our usual  unseemly fashion ……
……. and naturally I made a card ….. using some of the photos I had taken at key moments of riotous amusement during our time together ……
Leaving Card for a special friend craftsThe buses are a reference to Sally having to organise sooooooo many trips over the nine months …… they almost drove her scatty, especially when all the paperwork changed half way through ….. one day I beat Sally to crying over it!!!! The knitting is a reference to Sally always having some knitting on the go …. and our breaks usually being taken up by a “show and tell” session!!!  And Sally’s halo? …… Well, she really had to be a saint to work with us and survive!!!!!