Monday, 27 May 2013

Guest Crafter ….. The Equally Lovely Denise

When Tom and the Lovely Laura visited their wedding hotel The Lovely Laura were very taken by the bunting that had been put up in the courtyard for the wedding that was taking place …… and as I had just been given a mountain of Sanderson fabric samples it was a no brainer as to how to use it …….
Shabby chic bunting weddingInitially I gave the Lovely Laura’s mum, the Equally Lovely Denise the fabric to cut out the pennants in preparation for another of our “Wedding Club Crafting Nights”, but as the mess accumulated in her lounge, Denise decided that instead of spreading the mess chez moi,  she might as well bite the bullet and complete the task herself  …… all 300 double sided yards of it …. oh my life!  The Lovely Laura had declared that her mum has finally lost the plot …… but it’s gorgeous and I am secretly very, very pleased because sewing is not really my forte, the very thought of it makes my gums itch! It’s going to look so beautiful and I can’t wait to share all the pictures with all of you when the happy day finally comes!