Saturday, 15 December 2018

Beer Bottle Reindeers

This is not my original idea – I found it on Pinterest and thought it was worth a go to add a little Fiddle Fart to an otherwise boring and difficult to wrap present for my son Tom.
reindeer beer bottles
They, I admit, look exceedingly shady characters.
reindeer beer bottle gift
The bobble hats were an after thought, using the fingers from gloves with a small pom pom glued on top.  The scarves were made from the wrist and band parts of the same gloves.  I admit they are a bit rough and ready and could have been finished with a lot more finesse, but they’re OK for that initial impact on Christmas morning.
reindeer beer bottles in crateThe wooden crate came from B M Bargains and cost £2.99 and just finishes off the present off perfectly.
*Note to self – I know Poundland do a very similar crate in the summer in their barbeque range/summer garden, I really need to buy a couple to put away, which could then be painted/covered/embellished for a similar gift next year.  OMG am I talking about next Christmas already? Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!