Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Beaded Tealight Holder

Beaded Tealight Holder
I have had a spray can of Plasti-kote glass frosting in my craftroom cupboard for at least two years now …. another victim of one my many unfulfilled ideas …. until now!
Frosted Night Light Holder
I got a smallish mint sauce jar and stuck self adhesive stars all over it before giving it two coats of the frosting with my fingers firmly crossed, that it worked, it did!  I peeled off the stars very carefully and was thrilled with the results.
Beaded Tealight Holder 1
Don’t ask me how I made the beaded hanger …. wire and wire tools are a mystery to me, but somehow I did it with lots of wire twisting!! Not perfect I know, but it’ll do me.