Saturday, 10 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month –Top Tips from Fiddle Fart Readers–No.2

Thank you Suze ….
I think the monkey’s on my other blog will run with the Movember idea …….. !!!!!
National Velcro Month.
Suze’s blog:

National VELCRO® Month –Top Tips & Ideas from Fiddle Fart Readers ……No. 1

Thank you Bitter_Angel for these two brilliant ideas ……
National Velcro Month
Bitter_Angel’s blogs:-
I cannot thank Kim enough for helping me out by being the first reader to submit her TOP TIPS for using VELCRO® , I really hope it will be the start of getting a huge creative VELCRO® ball rolling, and in doing so she also added an extra element to this ‘crafty adventure’ that I hadn’t anticipated….. by including links to contributors we will all get the extra bonus  of having good old nosey into the craftiness of others and/or their lives,  gaining an insight into some of the people who belong to the “Fiddle Fart Community”.   When I started to read Kim’s blog I felt very, very humble, but  I won’t say any more ……. I’ll just let you find out why for yourself.
I hope this is the first of many, many posts for the month of November …. I hate having blank pages on the blog  ….. and this could really help to fill them.  THANK YOU.

A Couple Of New Ventures …… National VELCRO® Month & Wholeport

National Velcro Month.National Velcro Month..
Over the past few months I have received a few e-mails from various companies asking if I would be interested in reviewing/trying out some new products …. but to be honest I just didn’t have the heart or the mojo…… but then I got an e-mail from Zuzana Borovska from Fleishman-Hillard asking if I would like to be involved with National VELCRO® Month in November …… and I thought why not?
Velcro Sick onVelcro National Velcro Month
Yesterday I received  the most beautifully packaged VELCRO® kit containing all sorts of exciting VELCRO® packs to get all crafty and creative with. The aim of the campaign is to come up with new tips, ideas and ways  to useELCRO®   and then share  the ideas in a few blog posts along with other bloggers who are also involved.  It is hoped that between us we can come up with at least 101 ideas on how to use VELCRO® !  I have a couple …..but once I start playing I hope to come up with a few more …..and hopefully, with luck, I can add an extra couple of posts to FiddleFart too.
If anyone has any ideas they would like to suggest I would be very grateful and I will try to put them together and blog them too, with all credit paid to you of course.
my sponsors
You may also have noticed that I have a new link in my sidebar to a company called Wholeport.  Wholeport is a company based in China that has somehow found me in the ether and has offered to sponsor me in an effort to help get my mojo back. They will send me a range of products to try out, review and link back to.  I decided to say yes because a lot of their stuff was quiet different and I was curious!  If I receive products that I don’t think I will/can use I intend to pass them on to readers,  as it seems ages since I have had a giveaway. I await my first parcel to arrive as I just don’t know what to expect.  I have no experience of using this company but I have read a couple of reviews that have said that all orders are sent out very professionally and fast ….. just Google them for reviews or posts from other blogs if you want to check them out.
Primark Christmas baby socksAnd finally a heads up to this gorgeous tiny Christmas baby socks from Primark …. these are size 0 – 2.5 (early days) and cost £1.50 for three pairs.  Last year you might remember that I filled Christmas baby socks (below),  not half as pretty as these,  filling them with sweets with sweets and they vanished as soon as I put them out.   You could also buy three sets (24) to make a gorgeous Advent washing line!
Baby Socks Christmas Stocking Treat FavorThis years socks will be put across our fireplace on a piece of pretty string and attached with miniature pegs …. photos to follow in December.
I am not making much this year, but if I see interesting things in the shops I will certainly keep posting heads up!