Friday, 16 October 2009

Shocking Stocking Baby Doll!

What can I say, sewing is not my forte!
Stocking Baby
This doll comes from a book called Dolls Children Can Make by Shelia McGraw.  He's made from a babygro, and a pair of sandal toed tights, plus stuffing, a little wool and a couple of googly eyes.
Stocking Baby 2
In the right hands he could look quite cute!.  But because of the delicate nature of the tights used for the head, once you have made the stitches for the mouth, that’s really it, every doll gets a unique expression!  Mine is simply very worried!
This Christmas I am going to try and make a couple more, but I have bought the tiniest babygros I could find this time, for much smaller dolls.
Can I stress that these dolls are not for children, the eyes are stuck on and could be swallowed.  I have only made these dolls for adults as a bit of fun.