Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Heads Up – A Bit Of Crafty Festive Mooching in Wilko

I saw these mini jars in Wilko – 20 mini jars for £3 …………
Wilko mini jars
……. now, to be honest (at the moment) I don’t have a clue what I would use them for ……. mini snow globes for children to make or jars for reindeer food????  However, I am sure that there is someone out there who will have a festively ingenius idea which will have me wishing that I’d bought some!
Wilko Christmas Chocolate Coins
I did however buy some chocolate coins, there are 12 in a net for just 50p and come with either reindeer, Santa or snowman foil wrappers. I want to make some little favours for all the staff at Bertie’s nursery and a net of these coins fit perfectly into the mini acetate boxes (The Works 10 for £1.50) I already have. I just need to add a ribbon, with an embellishment and tag and Santa’s coming for Christmas! Post to follow when I get them done!
Wilko also had these little chocolate tablets  – 12 for £1, which I thought were irresistible too. Could this possibly be my first Christmas without  an Elizabeth Shaw Mint?  They might fit in the mini boxes too or I think I might just carefully tie six up together with a narrow red or green ribbon with a tag attached.  Again watch this space.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Happy Halloween

No Advent Drawers to post this week ……
IMG_9314IMG_9315 - Copy
….. rain has temporarily stopped play……..
…….. to be honest I only have one left now that I haven’t posted …….
……. but have no fear,  they are on my “to do” list for this coming weekend.
Instead, a few pictures of Iris and Bertie from this past weekend when they had a Halloween sleepover at The Towers.
There were pumpkins to “create” exactly as they wanted ………
…… as well as satsumas and balloons to make as spooky as they could too.
Nanny not wishing to be outdone had a go at “creating” some scary tissue paper spiders ……..
Hmmmmmm, not quite my forte …….. I think they look more like mad, fat crows!
Iris also spent ages drawing a set of forfeit cards to put in our Halloween Pass the Parcel parcel ……..
Her drawings always make me melt ……. my favourite? Her skeleton for her “wobble like a skeleton card” ……. I reckon he’s got most, if not all of his joints!

Monday, 29 October 2018

MIni Decorated Christmas Printers Tray

This mini decorated Christmas printers tray measures 22cm x 10cm and originally housed a set of wooden alphabet letters from The Works.
mini christmas printers tray decoration.
I’ll be honest, I am not 100% about the elongated oblong shape, I just think a square, six section decoration is somehow a much cuter size, but what do I know?
Mini CHristmas Printers Tray
I also admit to being a bit rusty as far as my printers trays go, if I remember rightly, in the past I have put a couple of foam pads behind the background papers to bring the embellishments that tiny bit more forward.
It took me a while to finally pluck up the courage to colour the outside and dividing slats of the tray with a red Sharpie pen, without it it looked a little unfinished, but I was wary that despite my gut feeling the added colour could possibly ruin the overall effect, fortunately my worries were proved wrong and I think it really makes the tray look all the more Christmassy and complete.
christmas printers tray
I’ve used bits and pieces left over from many Christmas’s past and then further embellished them with extra stars, flat backed gems, glitter,stickers and Glossy Accents.
mini christmas printers tray decoration..
The one thing I learned on this project was to write Santa’s Letter in black biro, my first effort somehow got wet and smudged and had to be done all over again.
This tray is destined for my lovely neighbours Kata and Laci as a special festive keepsake in place of a card which more than like end up in the bin after Christmas or get recycled.

Friday, 26 October 2018


I nipped into Worcester yesterday (23rd October) and found almost all their Christmas craft stuff was “Buy One Get One Free” – the lady in the shop said the offer was on all the red topped packets if that is any help to you and I don’t think the offer is online, it’s in store only as far as I can see.  She also wasn’t sure how long the offer was on for.
Now, I am pretty well stocked up, but it would have been rude not to have a mooch and spend erm…….. £4.
Spending just £1 on each of them  I am certain of a wonderful afternoon spent with Iris and Bertie when nursery and school is out for Christmas fiddle farting.
Bertie, last Christmas aged 20 months totally absorbed painting his suncatcher.
I got them both a snowman suncatcher and foam tree knowing that they can also rifle through Nanny’s drawers, if you’ll pardon the expression, for a few extra bits and bobs. If the offer is on when I go into town next I might get a few more bits …… 50p ….. what price peace?
I also treated myself to four packs of these layered snowmen embellishments as I think I will be able to make some really cute cards using them – 16 for just £2 it’s a steal!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Heads Up – Poundland Doll Parts

I couldn’t quite believe these when I saw them in the Halloween section of Poundland ……..
……. doll parts!!!!  I have to be honest they are just a tiny bit creepy, but as soon as I got over the initial eeeeewwwweeeee I thought of Marc!!!  Don’t tell him I said that, although I may keep a few for myself.
I am thinking altered art?  Sprayed white, gold, silver etc I can see them made into jewellery, or as part of a printers tray display ……..
I’ll present them to the said Marc and see what he comes up with ….. watch this space.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Advent Drawer Wednesday

Two more drawers today, but progress towards another completed Advent Calendar seems to be slow. I am hoping to get it finished for Christmas, but we shall have to see, life with those delicious babies just seems to get in the way, and to be honest, that is the best place to be.
Advent Drawer 1
I am finding that this sort of project is really getting through all the small embellishments I have collected over the  years, but some I’m getting a little bored of seeing.
Advent Drawer 2
It would be an exciting prospect to get to end of another crafty year to find all my embellishment boxes almost empty so that I could start the New Year looking for interesting new bits, especially in the sales. If there is anything left I think I really need to evaluate them all to see if I would actually ever use them and then perhaps pass on to others who would. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pirate Mirror – Part 2

Wooooo hoooooo Bertie’s pirate mirror is finally finished and I can’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief ……..
Pirate Mirror 1
…… it may have taken me 14 months but I have never given up!
Pirate Mirror 2
Though firmly stuck down the pirates arms can still be moved, so to add an extra dimension I have put dangly bits (if you’ll pardon the expression) in their hands and the crab with its wibbly wobbly legs guards a precious gem. 
Pirate Mirror 3Pirate Mirror 4
With the pirates, compasses, maps and large gems in place I could then drape the broken pearl and chains necklaces round them ……….
Pirate Mirror 5Pirate Mirror
……. and then fill the smaller gaps with smaller gems and pirate cabochons.
The only thing I wished I’d done was colour/spray the compass bodies gold before they were stuck down, trying to do it on a finished mirror was fiddly to say the least.
Pirate Mirror 6
And now it is done and dusted in a yo ho ho bottle of rum type way ……  it just needs to be bubble wrapped carefully until Christmas then it can be hung in Bertie’s bedroom.  I will put a special message on the back for him and hope that one day it might become an heirloom or at least a memory of mad, always fiddle farting mad Nanny Nell ……….

Monday, 22 October 2018

Pirate Mirror – Part 1

I have to hang my head in crafting shame …… I can’t believe it but I actually started this mirror for Bertie at the end of August 2017, what am I like?, needless to say he didn’t get it for last Christmas, but I think it’s a dead cert for his stocking this year. 
To back track to August after covering the mirror with play doubloons I just couldn’t find the right embellishments in the right materials and proportions to feel happy in progressing any further, so sadly it was put at the bottom of the wardrobe and quite frankly forgotten about unless I cleaned in there!
One stumbling block was that I only had one pirate to put on it, however without even looking I found another five bagged together in a charity shop in Worcester, now £4.99 was a little out of my comfort zone but as they were the same make as the original one it really was a no brainer.
The mirror was bought out again and the pirate positions jiggled with along with the compasses, but again I hit a wall as I couldn’t think of anything to bring them all together and fill in the gaps, so after a brief reprieve the mirror was put in mothballs again …… aghhhhhh.
Finding a pirate ship in the 10p box of an Evesham charity shop brought it out again …….
……. and it was then that I found the confidence to commit to some gluing (E6000) the pirates and compasses along with some small pirate beads and cabochons, however, these were removed shortly after when other ideas came into play ……..
…… especially after I decided that making a few pirate maps using Fimo could possibly be the link I had been missing ……. I made four and from there I could now see where I was going.
Pirate Mirror ..Pirate Mirror....
But you know me, I like things to be balanced and symmetrical so after raiding my old, broken jewellery stash for big gems I spent quite a bit of time distributing them evenly around the mirror ……… and then I am afraid  I hit another halt. I loved the effect when I added broken pearl and chain necklaces, but realised I didn’t have enough, so before I filled all the gaps with gems another trip to the charity shops was called for to find some more ……..
Pirate Mirror...
……… and that’s where I had to leave things for yet short period of time, but tomorrow you will finally be able to see the finished results of what became something of a pirate epic!