Friday, 8 April 2011

Accessorize Brooch/Pin

The Object of Desire Is Now Mine!
Remember this Accessorize Brooch I desired and obtained a little while ago, well my mum fell in love with it too.  But, where my brooch is still on my desk (but still very much admired) my mum has framed hers and it looks fantastic!
Picture 161
She has put hers in a box/shadow frame with a beautiful piece of rainbow paper and it looks exquisite. My photos really don’t do it any justice, as the light was pants when I tried to take them.
Accessorize Weather broach
Seeing what my mum has done has spurred me on to do something similar with mine, and I’ll post here when I do.

Flower Pot Place Setting

Flower Pot Place Setting d
The idea for this came from follower Anj, who left a comment saying she’d made a bouquet of flowers using Elizabeth Shaw mints and skewers …… which got me thinking …….
Flower Pot Place Setting
I’ve had these very small 3cm tall flower pots on my desk mithering  me to do something with them for ages …. then after seeing Anj’s comment I thought ….. what about place settings?
Flower Pot Place Setting a
I’ve sandwiched the mint and a purloined Starbucks wooden coffee stirrer for a stem, in between two sets of flower die cuts.  I coloured the stirrer green with a promarker and added two punched leaves. I’ve put some plastercine in the bottom of the pot to hold the flower in place. The name of the guest could be written on the pot or a small tag attached. Thank you Anj for the inspiration.