Monday, 15 October 2018

Boho Style Christmas Tree Decorations

After two years I am considering injecting a bit more oomph into my twig Christmas tree this year, it’s all been very tasteful so far, but now I think I am done with the less is more chandelier drops and small balls effect, if you’ll pardon the expression.
Crystal Christmas Tree using Chandalier Drops_thumb[3]
So with that aim in mind I have been experimenting with some boho style decorations using some of the rectangular plastic drops I have put on the tree in the past.
However, the idea proved to be a lot more fiddly and long winded  than I first anticipated and as you know I am not blessed with much patience when things don’t go as well as planned ….. and so I got a bit bored with the project, but I did persevere.
I started by covering the flat side of the drops with various  decopatch papers and then gluing two together back to back, well, that was the theory, but the drops had a little bit of a curve in  them so would not stick together flat without a fight!
It was a full on battle to keep the mini bulldog clips in place without them pinging across the room every five minutes but once settled I left them over the weekend for the glue to cure properly.
I coloured all the joining beads and drops with Sharpie pens, again a bit fiddle farty for an impatient me. Flat back flower gems were then stuck on both sides of the decoration for extra bling.
Not that I intend to attempt to make them again, but if I did I  might add a little ultra fine silver or iridescent glitter to the papers before I glued them.  Whether they end up on my tree I am not to sure but I will find somewhere for them.