Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gingham Squares with Hearts

 Boy Girl Hearts
I use this 9 square pattern a lot on my cards as it is especiallly good when using small stickers and punches.
Close Up Boy Girl
I don’t think I need tell you how I have made them as the pictures tell the story.
The centre square is set on foam pads for extra dimension.
Close Up hearts
The puffy stickers are from Accessorize. I have had the small scalloped square punch for years, I think Paperchase sell a lever punch that is almost the same. Dovecraft make boy and girl punches very similar to, if not the same as mine.
Boy Girl Punches
To answer Chris G's question in comments - all my dotted lines/faux stitching are done free hand.  I like to use the thinnest fine liner pen I can find (005) and just go for it, if it does go a bit wibbly wobbly it just adds to the charm.

Keep going on this post as I have added another one below ......

What’s In The Shops Saturday!

I can’t promise that this is a post I will do every week but everyone seemed to love my shopping goodies the other week, so I hope to add an extra post on the days when I spot  something of a crafty nature when I am out  and about.
Yesterday my friend and I popped to Sainsbury’s and I found these sticker packs on the girls jewellery stand.
Picture 084
They cost £1.50 a packet, and I reckon I can get least 4 cards from each pack if I use my 9 square design.  I wish there were a few more of the cake with the candle on as that would make a brilliant centre piece to each card.
Picture 089
I am off to Penkridge Market in a little while, I wonder what I will find there …….
Picture 023
When I made these heart things the other night I was so excited, but then thought, what the hell can I do with them! Then it came to me, fridge magnets!