Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mini Easter Jars

Mini Easter Favour Jars
Well … I though I had used up all but six of my mini kilner jars that I had stashed away, BUT when searching for something completely different I found another two boxes, one of ten and the other of six …. what am I like?
apollo clipseal spice jars
But with Easter approaching it was quite a fortuitous find!
Mini Easter Chick Tags
I set about making some double sided punched tags, with a bit of doodling and using some metal chicken embellishments Marc had sent me on one side and  some felt flowers from Michaels sent to me from Dianne in Florida.
Mini Easter tags for Favour jars
They didn’t take long at all and I attached the to the jars through the metal fixings.
I got the Ashleys Mini Mini eggs from The Range and Poundshop.  In The Range they were 79p a bag …. I leave you to work out how much they were in the Poundshop!!  There were enough eggs in each bag to fill two jars.
Ashleys Mini eggs

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Silly Good Luck Card

Monkey Good Luck Card
There is always an element of truth in my Monkey Blog otherwise it would be hard for me to keep a handle on the ins and outs and twists of their lives …. so yes, Sandra, their boss, has moved on to pastures new …..
….. which gave me the opportunity of making her a “Good Luck” card. I had taken a couple of pictures of the monkeys with the express intention of using them on cards, one with a cake, candles and birthday message and the other just sat sitting at the kitchen table.
All I did was cut out the background, just leaving the monkeys and then put it on a scrap of stripy paper and then mat and layering on silver. The finishing touches came with some bunting and the wording which I did on my ancient and so old fashioned Dymo tape.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Glassine Favours for Mothers Day

Glassine Favour bags
Isn’t it funny how after I “rediscovered” my glassine bags that had been languishing for too long at the back of one of my drawers during the half term holiday and finally do something with them that I find that they are “on trend” in some of the cute gifty shops I like to frequent on days out!  
Glassine Favour bag
I hold my hands up and admit that I have copied this packaging idea from East of India, the originals contained small wooden tokens, but the idea was so clean and simple I knew it would be perfect for  small  Mothers Day favour bags containing M & S chocolate hearts.  I used a font called @FangSong in size 18 for the tags, cut them out and then attached them to the folded down lip of the bags, hearts with a tiny heart shaped brad.
Glassine favour Bags With love
Very less is more.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Maltesers Bag

Everyone knows that Maltesers are my absolute confectionary of choice, but just in case anyone doesn’t, I though I would make a bag proclaiming my undying love for the little beauties and to carry my weekly plunder supply home in!!
Maltesers Bag 1
I’ve put a design on both sides of the bag, just in case my message was missed!
Maltesers bag
I’ve used a cotton bag from Hobbycraft costing 99p, they are O.K, but a little thin and I don’t really think they would stay looking good for too long.  So I am looking to find some better quality ones if anyone can point me in the right direction as I would like to make some more “Fiddle Fart Funny Bags” to put away for presents.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Altered Bookplate – Mark One

Well, I was determined to use parts from the necklaces that found their way into  my shopping bag the other week and this is what I have come up with …..
Altered Bookplate
I think I may have overworked it a bit because the bookplate is hardly visible! I put an old fashioned Dymo label in the middle and then filled in the centre with Ranger Glossy Accents, but I overdid that too, so it’s gone over the frame a bit ….. doh! 
I plan to pin this version on my Kath Kidston bag, but I am going to try and fine tune the idea when I have five minutes. I was thinking that it would make a nice little plaque on a gift box or as an embellishment on a beer mat calendar perhaps?……..

Friday, 24 February 2012

Key To My Heart Memory Frame

The picture on the left is taken from Tim Holtz’s Compendium of Curiosities.
Tim Holtz Compendium of CuriositiesMemory Capsule
The one on the right is my second attempt of a version of Tim Holtz memory frame pendant, this time I have used a Ranger 1” x 3” antique copper Memory Frame and a 1” x 3” Memory Capsule, all by Ranger.
I wasn’t too sure about the bulldog clip (too red) and the heart (too fancy) ….. so in the end I took them both off and turned the Memory Frame around, which is much more me and easier to wear.
I am really, really trying to resist buying too much of Tim’s paraphernalia, though I love it all dearly, I know I would be heading for a very expensive diversion ….. so with just a few key elements, I am holding myself back by making use of my own found treasures that I have collected over the years and will improvise with them instead.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Glassine Favour Bags

Glassine Favour 3
I love glassine bags, just the feel of them makes me go all gooey (but each to his own!) and this was one of the ideas I had in mind when I was stockpiling heart shaped chocolates  from Valentines Day to use for other occasions.
Glassine Favour 1
This bags contain four hearts or four ladybirds and measure 9.5cm (plus a 1.5cm fold over) x 6.5cm. All I have done is punch two small holes to thread a ribbon through. and then added a few self adhesive foam flowers and paper lace and small stickers.
Glassine favour 2
I am thinking that these would be lovely for Mother’s Day, or as a small Thank You gift, or even an end of term present for a child to give their teacher perhaps.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Driving Test Gift tags

Learner Driver Wooden tags
Made using children’s wooden dominoes, assorted papers and self adhesive foam cars (99p from 99p Shop) plus some Learner Driver confetti, these didn’t take too long to make.
L test wooden tags
The message is handwritten by me……
Driving test Wooden Gift Tag 1
….. and I have added a Learner Plate on the back. Done and dusted.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Cath Kidston Coaster

I love my Cath Kidston mugs, not only are they beautiful but they also hold a substantial cup of coffee!
Cath Kidston Mug Coaster
When I got this mug for Christmas I realised that I had some gift wrap in the identical pattern, not only that, but I’d just  sent for a sample pack of blank goodies like keyrings, fridge magnets and spookily a coaster from an eBay shop as recommended by Marc.
Cath Kidston Coaster
It took me all of five minutes to put this ensemble together, and the little birds?  They were another present and are actually glass charms with a sucker on the bottom!  They are just perfect sat sitting with my mug, all I need is a couple of hob nobs and a custard cream!
cath Kidston style pen
…. Oh and I made a pen to match too!
Cath Kidston style pen 1

Monday, 20 February 2012

Diamond Jubilee Crafts - The Great British Tea Bag!

My sister and I are wracking our brains thinking of little souvenir/token gifts she can give to some of the many people from all over the world she will meet and befriend as a Games Maker at London 2012 Olympic Games, and these came to me in a flash of inspiration.
Diamond Jubilee Tea Bags Glassine Crafts
The packets are glassine bags as used by stamp collectors (I believe), the Union Flags are from cut up paper chains that I had left over from Royal Wedding and the three charms, well I’ve had them forever. I was desperate to have them (because I love tiny things) and then thought what on earth do I do with them when I got them  … I never thought I would ever use them ….. but now I find the teabag charm is just so perfect.
I put a tiny bit of double sided tape to stick the flag on to the turned over lip of the packet, then punched a small hole through the layers, attaching the teapot and teabag together with a brad.  The teacup is held in place with an adhesive. foam pad.
I think this is an idea I can adapt for other occasions, but it’s the charms that really make it!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chocolate Ladybird Boxes for Easter

Chocolate Ladybird Easter Box
This is what I have been stockpiling Tesco Valentine Love Bugs for, I knew I wouldn’t see them again till next year, or if I did, they would be double the price. But after checking carefully I saw that they have a "use by date" of December 2012 so I knew I could use them for Easter and a bit beyond if I had any other suitable ideas, plus I also checked that you get far more laybirds in a net for your money than you do Easter eggs!Easter Ladybird Box  chocolate ladybirds
I’ve cover two tiny domino boxes measuring 12cm x 4cm x 2.5cm deep with assorted pastel gingham paper strips from Handy Hippo.
Self Adhesive Borders
And then added some gorgeous flowery adhesive borders which were part of a present from a new found friend Dianne in Florida. They come from Michaels, a shop I have read so much about. especially their crafty stuff. and where I dream one day of going to partake in some retail therapy.
Easter Chocolate Ladybird Box
I am thrilled with the way the boxes have turned out, but now I am not so sure if I can let them go!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Conundrum!

Yesterday .... I received a "real" Wonka Bar in the post ..... I was sooooo thrilled! It was so carefully wrapped so it wouldn't break in the post but there was nothing in/on it to say who it was from, not even a postmark ...... I have a feeling it was from someone here ..... so can I say a mahoooosive THANK YOU and if you would like to make your self known ........ I can thank you properly xxxxx

Tim Holtz Inspired Pendant

My Tim Holtz/microscope slide quest continues!  But it’s easy to see that it’s the key that’s all wrong in this pendant. I should have used a metal key  instead of a domed sticker, agggghh, but having said that, it does look much better in real life and I will definitely wear it, in fact it’s on a chain ready to do just that.
Tim Holtz inspired pendant
I took my inspiration from a picture on page 74 of Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities.  It was this book that  started my friendship with Marc, after he left a comment in the chat box asking if he could send me a copy … the rest is history! Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities
I loved the idea …. but though I had most of the basic materials, they are a bit of a  jumble of materials in gold, brass and silver  so I struggled to get everything to match in silver.  I also have a few Tim Holtz embellishments, but again, not quite what I wanted for this project and as a result it was all a bit of a compromise !!! But now I look more closely at the picture in Tim’s book I can see that he has used a memory capsule to accommodate the depth of the key …. while I struggled with two microscope slides (as I utter another agghhhhh!). So watch this space as I go back up to my craft room and my drawing board  and have another go!  I will not be beaten!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Easter Eggs Akimbo!

I don’t buy many Easter eggs but it is worth having a look in Tesco at the moment as they have eggs at really good prices, i.e three small Milky Bar ones for £3,  others at half price at £1.25, all “proper” brands.  The offers end on 26th February … so I am going to stock up on a few …. oh small Lindt bunnies 3 for £1 too.

My Little Compendium Of Curiosities

Remember the box that my wooden hearts came in?  Well, I couldn’t resist fiddle farting with it …… and had soooooo much fun!
What not curiosity box
The box measures 4ins x 4ins and each compartment measures 1.25ins x 1.25ins. 
little what not shelves
I lined each one with a small scrap from my Papermania Portobello Road paper pad and then the excitement of finding tiny treasures to fill them began.
little box of curiosities
I wanted to make it as 3D as possible, so some of the bits are stuck on several layers of foam pads, like the birdcage, boat and gingerbread man.
what not box
I love the sweet jars best, followed by the fish bowl, again on foam pads so it stands proud of the home sweet home sign.
Tiny shelves of curiosity
I am not sure if you can buy boxes like this on their own, because if they did I would buy them buy the crate …. as making something like this is my idea of crafting heaven!
If you know where I could get some more, without buying a whole pile of embellishments PLEASE let me know, I have lots more little bits I am desperate to house.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

What’s In My Shopping Bag This Week

As you know I am being very frugal this year when it come to my crafty shopping, however as all my Valentine goodies disappeared almost as soon as I put them out, I have allowed myself a few pennies to spend (and the rest will be saved)…..
Papermania Portobello Road
…. but I have invested in a 6” x 6” Papermania Portobello Road paper pack (£4). I just adore the patterns, colours and shabby chic effect,  and although I have no ideas at the moment as to what to do with the papers, apart from  jars of red, white and blue bonbons, I am hoping to make a few things to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the coming few months.
shonky necklaces
I also splashed out on these four earring and necklace sets from a local market in Penkridge, they were priced at 2 for £1!!  Now the ‘diamonds and pearls’ were falling out as handed my money over, but it was the enamel effect flowers that I had my beady eye on. I plan to disassemble them and make new steampunk type pendants with the parts, sticking the gems back won't be a problem
Marks and Spencer Bag of Love Chocolates
Marks and Spencer Bags of Love – chocolate hearts £2.50
I am also re-investing some of my pennies in heart shaped chocolates, initially with Mothers Day in mind. It’s hard to find chocolate hearts at the best of times and by checking the sell by dates on them (Dec 2012)  I know I can use them for various projects in the coming months.
Tesco be Mine Chocolate hearts
Tesco chocolate hearts £1 a net
Tesco Chocolate Love Bugs
Tesco Love Bugs - £1 a net
And the same goes for Tesco chocolate ladybirds which I found too late to use for Valentines Day, but will be nevertheless be brilliant for Easter.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tim Holtz Inspired Memory Glass Pendant

Ranger memory Glass Pendant
I think I am getting there very slowly, my Compendium of Curiosities doesn’t seem to have left my side since I picked it up on Saturday and as you can see I took what Tim has written about using corners to heart!
Memory Glass pendant 2
I have used two Ranger 1.5ins x 1.5ins Memory Glass squares, with a text background and part of a punched heart on top of that. I still find applying the foil tape to join the glasses together fiddly but it’s getting easier and if it is a bit rough and ready it adds to the charm. The bird cage was from Marc, I’ve just added a gem to cover the hole on the top. I didn’t know I had the corner till I was searching through my boxes for a key, so I was thrilled when I found it as it’s perfect where it is, again with a three small gems added.
Memory Glass Pendant 1
Dead chuffed!