Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Charity Shop Bargain Label Maker

You know how much I love a label maker ...... well, I found this one for just 50p in my favourite Evesham charity shop, the one that sells things at realistic prices.
At 50p it was well worth a pop ....... and did not disappoint!
The first print was a bit cloudy along the top and bottom of the label, but it just needed me to a line the tape a little more accurately which then adjusted the pressure ....... for perfect results.
I bought a real Junior Dymo label maker a while ago for £2.50, it wasn't so much the machine that I was interested in, but the twenty or so unused reels of spare tape it came with, which are really quite pricey to buy.
I think this one will  end up in Iris's craft drawers after a lesson on how to use it with a couple of spare tapes .......a most excellent purchase!