Monday, 20 July 2015

Tim Holtz Inspired Charm Bracelet ….. Work In Progress.

Marc sent me Volume III of Tim Holtz’s A Compendium of Curiosities a while back. As you know I aspire to creating something as beautiful as Tim from one of his books/ideas,  but in my eyes I just can’t get things right …… to me they look like I have copied them ….. which I know I have, if you know what I mean, but they don’t feel/look like I “made” them!?????
…… but this picture of a selection of Tim’s charms inspired me to have another go!
I had an old antique effect bracelet and antique effect jump rings and boxes and boxes of bits ….. so I took two old, wooden bingo markers (the 58 being my year of birth and the 22 being the date) and drilled a hole through them using my electric modellers drill and then attached them to the bracelet using the jump rings.  I did exactly the same to the wooden scrabble piece (H for my name) and that’s where I have left it for now, as this will be a work in progress.
I am thinking, (which I should have done before I put them on the bracelet) of putting a small piece of small patterned paper on the back of all of them with some Glossy Accents and then adding another very small embellishment. I have a tiny compass that I think will be perfect, but am not planning the other charms too much, I want to find pieces when I am going through my boxes looking for something completely different and then see where it goes…….. so watch this space.