Monday, 9 September 2019

Let It Snow Snowman Shadow Box Frame

This shadow box started out as a bit of an experiment ........ but, I think, it worked out pretty well.
I used one of the Poundland enclosed bathroom plaques that I have been squirrelling away every time I have found them,  a large wooden snowman embellishment that I got from The Range in a Christmas sale for 25p years and years ago, an alphabet sticker set from B & M Bargains, various snowflakes plus scraps of glitter and blue paper and tiny flat backed gems.
I started by taking the back of the plaque to create a snowy background using the glitter and blue papers and the snowman.
I then added the letters ........
.....followed by the tiny gems which made me go a little cross-eyed in their gluing ......
...... not forgetting the very small white button on the snowman's hat.  I then added a scattering of plastic and confetti snowflakes for good measure.
I then replaced the newly decorated board back in the frame and waited impatiently for it to dry, before adding faux stitching round the edges using a permanent fine liner pen and more snowflakes glued to the frame and glass to give the picture extra dimension.

I now think I need to make another one, along the same theme but perhaps using a different set of letters as I am thinking they would make extra special decorations for Iris and Bertie's festive bedrooms, a keepsake that will hopefully remind them of Nanny if/when they get them out long after I am gone and perhaps when they have families of their own.