Tuesday, 27 November 2012

National VELCRO® Month–Top Fiddle Fart Tips 22

A lovely, lovely (and very educational) Top Tip from Vicky today, she says ……..

National Velcro Month“Me and my daughter used stick-on velcro (only the "hooky" part - not the "furry" part!) to make 
labels that she could attach to her model of a plant cell made from felt.  The labels can be taken off and stuck back on to help memorise the parts of the cell.  I have attached a picture. 
Hope this helps you in your Velcro quest” 

National VELCRO® Month–Top Fiddle Fart Tips - 19, 20, 21

Three BRILLIANT VELCRO® Top Tips from Lorraine today
Top Tip No. 1 - I know that ring top curtains have taken over in a big way now, but a few years back swags and tails were the height of fashion and I used VELCRO® on the top of the swags and on the pole so it was easy to adjust the folds without all the complicated sewing and you could easily take them down for washing.  Best of all it didn’t matter how much they got twitched when pulling the curtain they stayed rock steady!
Not a useful tip............. but, we all know fashion comes around again, so be ready with the VELCRO®, swags WILL return!!!
Top Tip No. 2 - We all have those cupboards that open too easily, that little people like to explore.  A small strip of VELCRO®on the frame and on the door sometimes is enough to discourage them ransacking your wool stash and if not, the noise of the VELCRO® parting is a good warning they are up to no good!  Now, I am not talking about cupboards containing dangerous products,  as they should always have the correct baby proof locks on them but cupboards where they are ok to investigate but under supervision.
Top Tip No. 3 - VELCRO® dots are great for sticking different fabric flowers on to the front your favourite flip flops.  You can change the colour to match your swimsuit/outfit on holiday while taking up a very small amount of space in your suitcase!
Hope these tips can be added to your total.
Thank you Lorraine so much for taking the time to send me your tips …. your name, if I am lucky enough to be in the top three top VELCRO® tippers will definitely be there with all the other tippers in my teapot of fortuitous fate!