Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Two Jewelled Mirrors

Following on from yesterday, my two latest jewelled mirrors.
I apologise for the lack of any blow by blow shots taken while I was putting them together, but I got soooooooo absorbed in what I was doing it just slipped my mind.
I found the mirrors with hanging chains in Poundstretcher for £2.99 each. As soon as I saw them I knew I could do something with them. I particularly liked the chains as I thought they gave the mirrors a retro sort of feel.  Ideally I would love to make a mirror using just bone china flowers like the clump I put in the photo, using old chipped brooches or taken from plaques, but although I will keep my eye out for pieces at rock bottom prices, it could very well prove to be too expensive an idea ...... we shall see.

That said, I got out my broken jewellery and first divided the pink roses (from Poundland bracelets) in two piles so that there would be at least a little symmetry between the two mirrors.  Using E600 glue I started working in the four corners of each mirror, before gradually filling the sides with pieces of roughly equal size, followed by layering above and below with smaller bits.

Spookily enough I had spent the previous evening using up all my old green Fimo making leaves of various types and sizes using moulds given me a while ago by my crafty friend Di Wray.
It wasn't my intention to use these leaves on the mirrors, but after walking away from the mirrors for an hour or so and then going back to them I thought why not give them a try and I think, it worked.
The addition of wooden ladybirds was totally at odds with my original idea .........
....... however, I just got to thinking that it be really lovely for Iris and Bertie to play spot the ladybird when we have one of our sleepovers .........
...... and again, I think they work. For now I am leaving them matt, however, I may perhaps paint them over with a little Ranger Glossy Accents some time in the future.
I think the mirrors have turned out really well as a variation on others I have made in the past ........ I am now wondering if I could make something similar for Christmas using some of the many wooden snowflakes I have collected over the past couple of years .......... hmmmm, another £5.98 and trip over to Poundstretcher me thinks!