Sunday, 5 September 2010

Opening Up …Just a Little

 Picture 158
I know I don’t open up much on my blog, I like to keep it strictly “craft”, it was a decision I made when I first started writing, but I've decided that occasionally it would be nice to wander off the path a little, and show you some of the things I love to find and collect ….. and sometimes add to my projects.
Picture 161
What gave me the idea was hopping to a new blog written by a lady who often comments on my blogs:- . What I read inspired me to think about the things that  I have squirreled away but  not looked at for a while.  Lilibet wrote about her love for wooden cotton spools – we must be kindred spirits, as I too love old sewing paraphernalia, although I very rarely sew, because it makes my gums itch and reminds me of sewing lessons at school, when all I ever did was unpick,even my tacking had to be unpicked, as a result I am always disappointed with most things I sew.
Picture 160
But, I always look for old sewing boxes at carboots, people almost give them away, thinking that they are worthless when I see them as priceless treasure trove, you never know what you are going to find ….. as you can see from my pictures.
Picture 162 Picture 157
I love the thought of shoulder ribbons and using "potato" coloured darning thread.
Picture 164
And look at this wonderful receipt
Picture 166
I like to ponder upon the women who’s boxes these once were, who ordered lassie, omo, vim and cake (I wonder what sort of cake it was!)
Picture 165Picture 168
But it was Lilibet’s comments about the cotton reels that made me think and get  my Gran’s old sewing basket out. When she died it was the only thing I wanted because this is what she used/touched almost every day for years, and years and years.
Picture 150
It seemed so sad that I just keep it on the top shelf in one of my cupboards, but then I had an Ulrika moment and looked up at the empty IKEA memory boxes on my nic-nacky shelves  ………..
Picture 152
................and I sorted out all the wooden cotton reels and her thimble and put them in one of the boxes.
Picture 156
I am dead chuffed ...
Picture 154
Thank you Lilibet, and all this happened before 9.00am on a Saturday morning! I wonder what will inspired me to fill the other boxes.