Sunday, 25 June 2017

Metal Label Holder Christmas Tree Decorations

I am not sure what the proper name is for the metal frames I have used in this idea is ….. label holders, name plates, bookplates?
Label Holder Bookplate Christmas Tree DecorationsBut, I bought several packets (£1) with the specific idea of making some simple Christmas Tree decorations with them.
Gorjuss Metal Name PlatesThe first thing I decided was to make them double sided, so the design could be seen at any angle on the tree.
Name PLate Christmas Tree DecorationsI started by cutting and gluing the backgrounds using scraps of script and music manuscript design paper on to the back of each plate using PVA glue.
IMG_2558I made a tree template which measured 1.5cms at the bottom by 4cms tall, and then cut the trees proper from a sage green spotty type paper.
IMG_2560Next followed the trunks and a silver star at the top……..
IMG_2562…….. and finally tiny weeny gold/yellow flat back gems, all glued with equally tiny dots of PVA.
IMG_2563The next stage was to carefully flood each frame with Ranger Glossy Accents, I wanted to cover the design completely, but knew from past experience too much Glossy Accents can wrinkle the paper underneath , and going back to fill spaces you missed first time round is also a recipe for disaster. I wanted to get this bit right and so had to forget all about them for at least twenty four hours, if not longer, to make sure the Accents was well and truly set.
When I was happy that everything was dry, I glued two matching sides together using E6000, as I wanted a really strong bond ……… and then to make sure they were really married together put them under a large weight for a couple of hours!
IMG_2578Using a matching bronze coloured jump ring I added antique silver heart charms to the bottom of the decorations.
IMG_2637And through the top a thin wire hoop with a matching bead.
Label Holder Christmas Tree DecorationsAll through this project my fingers were well and truly crossed, as earlier attempts have ended up in the bin …….. this time, I think I got it just about right! This is an idea that I will definitely be visiting again, I am already thinking snowmen ………..