Friday, 7 July 2017

My Holiday Souvenirs.

As I said, I have to be pretty restrained these days with regards to my souvenir shopping as my flat is pretty much sorted and any space for fripperies is tight ………
IMG_3513……. but I this year, even before I went, I had set my heart on finding an icon of the Madonna. I had seen hundreds of them last year when we visited the cathedral in Zakynthos in Zante, but at the time, though I had put in an offer on my flat, I was more geared up for chucking things out rather than gathering, but ever since I have driven Lu mad saying how much I wished I had bought one.
IMG_3514I found this one in Corfu Town, I made the poor woman climb up on a chair to get it down and ermmed and ahhhed, and then I said I would think about it and come back, to be honest I knew I would have it, I just didn’t fancy carrying it around for the rest of the evening in all the heat.  But for the first time ever I got my credit card out …. on  holiday!
I put the bottle of Holy Oil I got from the church in Kassiopi under a small Ikea dome …… it sort of looks right and goes with the icon.
IMG_3519And my final purchase was this evil eye, I have quite a few of the usual round glass versions around the house, but I have never seen anything like this one before, so it would have been rude not to make a considered purchase. Perhaps it’s a bit creepy, but it’s a reminder that I hope there are a few people “up there” who are keeping an eye on me.
So that’s it, other than a few bars of nougat and some Donkey Milk shampoo and conditioner.  Things might get moved around in time, but while the memories are still fresh and a bit of my tan remains they are OK where they are for now.