Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Insects Of Desire

I love a bejewelled insect ..........
As soon as I spotted these two at Evesham Garden Centre up at The Valley, Evesham, I could just see them in an Ikea Ribba box frame on a black velvet background.  Then I wondeed how easy it would be to snip off the metal ring that they hang by because  I knew, if framed, if not removed it would irritate the life out of me!  I could also see them hanging from a door handle ..... and as for on a Christmas tree, stunning!
As I am on a minimal spend this year, they were much admired, but at £8 each I knew I didn't really "need" them, however, I thought I might start scouring Poundland or other bargain stores to see if I can find any large plastic insects that I could perhaps spray gold and embellish instead!