Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No Crafting Wednesday!

I tend to keep my blog a pretty tight ship, keeping strictly to crafting and shopping ……and only share a little of myself now and again….. well, I today I thought I would reveal my secret crush passion ….. which will explain why I won’t be doing any crafting on Wednesday nights for at least the next 13 weeks …….
Sir Alan Sugar
Apprentice Series 4 2008
Apprentice Series 4
I LOVE SIR ALAN SUGAR …….. he makes me go all goose bumpy.  I have three framed pictures on the small shelf by my desk at work,  they are of Mr FiddleFart, Jose Mourinho (my other crush)  and Sir Alan …. so on a Wednesday when I am usually fiddle farting ….. the only thing that will be glued, will be me, to my tele!!!

Keep scrolling down as there are another two posts below this today!

Tesco Advent House Update 5

I hope that the next time I show you what I have done to my Advent House it will be finished and that all I’ll have to think about is where to put it during Advent and what to put in it.
You know my motto is "Less is More" ...... well, that's gone right out of the window ...... but I am only going to give you a sneak peak .....
Picture 120
The roof is now longer flat and lacking ……it's embellished with hundreds of flat backed gems!!!!!  I just need to add a bit of PVA to the ends of the braid to stop it from fraying.
Picture 095 Picture 096
And I found the perfect snowmen in Hobbycrafts (£1.99 for 6)
Picture 097
I’ve also found the right glittery numbers too, but they caused me more work than I first intended.
Picture 094
Initially I stuck them straight on to the drawers, but from a distance they were barely distinguishable. So I made a small background panel for each number, aghhhh, more fiddle fart! Sorry, about the wet glue, I am just too eager to get the photos taken.
Picture 092
I love my drawer knobs, but I have found that I cannot add any more small gems, as I had planned, to the drawer front as it doesn’t look right. I’ve used gold stars which mirror the stars held by the snowmen.
So almost there, except that I have decided I need to put something on the sides of the house now…..  so more Blitzen paper, snow and snowmen …… then I’m done …. I think!

What’s In My Shopping Bag Wednesday

It seems ages since I did a shopping post …. and to be honest there isn’t any crafty shopping here ….. I’ve just indulged myself with a few lovely things ……. on Saturday we nipped over to one of our fairly local garden centres, where they were just setting out their Christmas displays.
Bird Christmas Decoration
And as I have a BIG thing for birds at the moment  I just couldn’t resist this tree decoration ….. it will hang in my craftroom all year round …. it cost £3.99 and I LOVE it.
Flying Pig Christmas tree Decoration
Another thing I collect is flying pigs, (it’s my user name in various forums), but they are few and far between, so I only have a very small collection. I’m a bit fussy because they have to have “nice” faces ….. and this one has a beautiful face! It cost £2.99, and again it will have a special place found for it in my craftroom.
Vintage Childrens Suitcases
This set of vintage 1950’s child's suitcases cost me £6.50 (plus P&P) from e-bay.  I just love them!  The handles are metal and remind me of my childhood so much.  They were not in pristine condition, but I knew that when I bid, but with a little bit of cleaning they are just what I wanted.
Vintage Childs Stacking Suitcase
One side of the largest case was a little scuffed, but I already had these Making Memories travel stickers, which have covered the marks perfectly.
I have looked at new sets of similar mini suitcases, but they aren’t a patch on these and are SO expensive!